Handcrafted and organic infused herbal oils are used in all massage sessions. Each oil selection is made based upon your body's individual needs as well as for its specific healing qualities.

Restorative Herbal Oil Massage

Open up to your full potential, unlock holding patterns, and relax into your body. A blend of expansive Thai massage stretches, soothing Swedish massage and specific deep tissue sculpting techniques.

Pre- & Postnatal Massage

An opportunity for those on the journey of motherhood to relax and receive potent bodywork: a blend of specific deep pressure work, soothing strokes easing away tensions, and practical body use support.

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Therapies

Appling Maya wisdom to modern times. This is a non-invasive hands-on technique that repositions internal organs that have shifted, restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi. It addresses health challenges ranging from digestive, to reproductive, to core energetics.


Urban retreats that connect mamas, mamas-to-be and those that work supporting them to nourishment (mind, body, soul), resources and each other. Inspired to express our values for wellness, sustainability, and creating community, we draw upon our backgrounds in healing and mama-care.