Are you feeling bombarded by stress and tension? Is your body sore? Perhaps, you’re in need of a little TLC.  Lila Ann Frechette’s massage style is an agreeable combination of various modalities. She blends long flowing Swedish massage strokes to connect the body and ease away tension, with deep tissue sculpting to work out knots and restore muscle elasticity. To further encourage flexibility she incorporates expansive Thai massage stretches, which lengthen muscles and increase mobility. She also employs subtle acupressure flows to restore balance and harmony to the body systems. Lila Ann strives to create a supportive space for relaxation and restoration to occur. From her nonjudgmental attitude to her positive touch, clients enjoy the opportunity to put aside their worldly cares and to experience delightful moments in their bodies.

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Massage in General...

Massage recipient

*Is an effective means to dispel stress while promoting relaxation.

*Stimulates the release of endorphins to naturally alleviate pain.

*Restores mental acuity, creativity and energy. 

*Decreases muscular tension, increases flexibility, and supports full range of motion.

*Improves muscle tone by stimulating inherent reflexes within muscle fibers.

*Dilates blood vessels, increasing the blood supply and delivering vital nutrients throughout the body.

*Aids in the circulation of blood and lymph, ridding the body of toxins.

*Calms the nervous system.

*Encourages body awareness, promoting healing in the areas being massaged.

*Restores a healthy body image by providing positive experiences of being in ones body.

*Provides nurturance in a context of care and trust.

*Promotes an overall sense of well being which enables one to better handle life’s stresses.

Massage During Pregnancy…

Pregnant Belly

*Provides much-needed rest and relaxation.

*Balances hormones which aides in relieving moodiness and nausea.

*Increases fetal circulation.

*Decreases edema and high blood pressure, relieves varicose veins and increases blood and lymph circulation.

*Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, such as ankles, lower back and pelvis.

*Relieves muscle spasms, cramps, and pain, especially in the back, neck, hip and legs.

*Improves skin tone and elasticity.

*Deepens maternal bonding.

*Enhances body awareness and flexibility in preparation for active birthing.

*Provides headache and sinus congestion relief.

Providing Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy at either my studio space or, for just a little more, the comfort of your home.