*Tinctures *Belly Balms* Baja Herbs*

Pure Essential Oils

For ailments such as:
Emotional distress
Monkey mind
Achy joints
Sore overworked muscles

Learn more about how essential oils may benefit you.

Rainforest Herbal Remedies

Prepared Tinctures made with Rainforest Remedy Herbs & formulated by Rosita Arvigo.

Belly Be Good...Suggested for: gastritis, constipation, and chronic gas pains.

Female Tonic *Suggested for: PMS, painful menses, uterine conditions and menopause.

Jackass Bitters *Suggested for: intestinal parasites, skin fungus, candida, viral conditions, and nail fungus.

Nerve Tonic Suggested for: stress, anxiety, and insomnia

Tinctures: 1oz for $18, Made with Grain Alcohol

*Indicates tincture to be avoided during pregnancy.


Bajas Blend *

Castor Balm *

Moon Balm

A variety of herbs such as: lavender, basil, oregano, calendula, rose, damiana, oregano & rosemary

Enough for two steams. $10

A balm of castor oil, cocoa butter, Saint Johnswort infused olive

A balm of hops and saint johnswort infused olive oil and/or sesame oil, cocoa butter & beeswax