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National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, October 19-25

Core Power: Wellness for Wom(b)en, Saturday October 25th, 3-5pm
In this introduction to Maya Abdominal Therapies & womb wellness, Lila reveals how traditional Maya healing wisdom is beneficially applied to modern times. We’ll:

• Explore the roots of this holistic healing modality, gaining appreciation for the integrity of this work.
• Discuss how Maya Abdominal Therapies enhances fertility, soothes PMS, and puts an end to digestive distress.
• Use meditation to connect deeply with our own wombs, initiating a conversation to heal what is out of balance and begin nourishing our beings.

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Enliven Your Core Power, Mini Maya Abdominal Therapies Session for Birth Professionals

Mini sessions designed especially with birth practitioners in mind. Have you been curious about Maya Abdominal Therapies? Included in these samplings are an intake and consult, a focused hands-on session, a self-care component and a belly balm sample for you to practice (self-care) with.